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The Problem with HR

Jan 28, 2021

Scott Laidler is an experienced health coach and personal trainer. He has personally delivered more than ten thousand private training sessions and as many more online coaching calls. He was the sole fitness trainer for the Fantastic Beasts film Franchise at Warner Brothers Studios. He is a weekly Health Columnist at the Daily Telegraph since 2015, and he is a corporate wellness consultant to multiple blue-chip corporations. 

How did Scott come to be where he is now? (1:03)

  • For Scott, it started with his fitness journey. He was 16 when he joined his first gym. He had grown up watching action movies like Karate Kid, Rocky and so on. He wanted to see if he could emulate the kind of physiques and sequences that he observed within the films. He started to educate himself about training and fitness.
  • He would spend thousands of hours just trawling through articles and forums etc. He tried to learn as much as possible because he believed that he should be as informed as possible to be genuinely efficient.
  • Over the next few years, Scott started to see results, and it all happened during a time where people were not going to the gym like in the days of Schwarzeneggar where fitness was a subculture. People would ask Scott what he was doing to get the results, and so, Scott started to become a personal trainer before he even understood it to be a job. 
  • Scott went to university and pursued a psychology degree. During his second year, he became intrigued by business and entrepreneurship. It led him to realise that the best way to combine psychology, business and health into one was to become a personal trainer and start his own fitness business. 

What is Scott’s esoteric approach to fitness and wellness? (8:07)

  • Scott believes there is a wholeness to the business. He does not think that you should aim to be different in your business than in your personal life. He says you cannot have ethics in one place and not in another. He believes the same things goes for the body.
  • You cannot have a stressed and compromised mind and not have the same reflection in your body and health. Scott’s approach offers as much value as he can in the work he is doing. He believes that anyone can be dogmatic to a training program, and he thinks you need to take into account what happens before workouts and build an understanding of what your body needs on any given day. 
  • Once you build an intuitive understanding of your body’s needs, you can move away from being dogmatic with any training program because you do not have to feel guilty about listening to your body. 
  • Scott is a big believer in Karmic law. He reminisced on a story where two years after graduation, he decided to take a six month by going back to Kansas. He had been on his way to a close friend to say goodbye when he realised he did not have anything to read on the flight. He was thinking to himself at the time that he wanted to learn more about sales, having already extensively researched entrepreneurship. 
  • He had hoped he could buy a book on the subject somewhere at the airport. When he stopped at his friend’s house, she handed him a present, saying it had reminded her of him when she ran across it, and it turned out to be Zig Ziggler the Art of Selling and this truly solidified his belief in the law of attraction. 

What is the biggest drawback being experienced in the professional or personal health industry today, and what Changes have Corona brought to the industry’s working world?

  • Scott states that there is a price for everything. If you over-index on one modality or one area of training, then over-indexing by definition will have its consequences. If all you do is lift weights, you will accumulate muscle tension, and you will have compression in certain areas. If you never stretch out or train your mobility work or take rest times, you will run into problems. 
  • If all you do is run or only do endurance run after endurance runs, the run is no longer efficient. The run could be made more efficient with prerequisite strength training. Still, you also need to consider the recovery aspects, and that doesn’t necessarily mean stretching only but also areas like ice baths, saunas, massages, etc.
  • Corona has impacted the fitness industry quite a bit. Scott believes it has made us more mindful about things like how we spend our working day and its effect on our long-term and short-term health. 
  • Fitness professionals are being mindful over whether or not pain is being experienced throughout their working day because of their posture, muscle tensions, stresses, and if so, they cannot output the same quality of work and feel as good about the working day as they usually would. 
  • Scott believes that now there is more of a focus on making sure that the working environment is healthy. He urges people to consider the things they used to do, like walk to the train station or go to gym on the way home from work, now with the pandemic that is not happening anymore, and you have to find a way to make up for those things. 

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