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The Problem with HR

Dec 18, 2020

Levi interviews Laura Capindale who started a Facebook group called HR Crowd.

Laura helps SME's achieve engaged and high performing employees by providing tailored people management solutions.

Introduction (0:14)

  • Laura talks about her career.
  • Launching the “HR Crowd” Facebook group.
  • Levi gives some background on himself and his career and DLP.

People tend to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to HR (4:40)

  • How can you be the best you can be?
  • What happens inside a company when there are problems?
  • DLP has changed its approach in working with HR over the last 20 years:
    • PAC; People, Accountability, Communication
    • CIPD is great, but it doesn’t teach you enough.
    • Stronger2gether network

Tell me more about who you are and your experience in HR? (13:35)

  • Laura talks about how her career has changed over the years.
  • She started the Facebook group “HR Crowd” to help small business owners.
  • She feels it’s still not enough, as there’s a big divide between small businesses and large corporations.

What would you say is the biggest drawback being experienced in the Industry? (15:30)

  • Rigid mindset.
  • People don’t understand the value of HR.
  • The recent issues from people working remotely.
    • Risk assessments.

What changes do you think are needed? And how should we go about it within the industry? (22:07)

  • Looking at the needs and wants of future generations
  • How staff is managed.
  • Being more inclusive.


What do you think the future HR looks like without change? (23:50)

  • Employee burnout is a major issue.
  • How are we adding value?
  • Levi talks about how dealing with employee issues is very similar to raising children and teaching them right from wrong.


What advice would you give New HR Professionals, and current HR professionals who are serious about the industry? (32:07)

  • Self-awareness.
    • Not only of yourself but also how others perceive things.
  • “Help me help you”

Bonus Question - What book would you suggest our audience should read? (37:17)

Connect with Laura - LinkedIn