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The Problem with HR

Dec 18, 2020

Levi interviews Amanda Smyth, head of people at Chopstix.

Amanda is an experienced senior HR leader that enjoys developing and delivering people strategies and plans. She doesn’t only partner with Exec Board members but all other levels too, supporting and guiding decision making through effective stakeholder relationships, business knowledge, credibility and trust.

Tell me more about who you are and your experience in HR (0:40)

  • She talks about growing up in Southern Ireland, and how she ended up in the hospitality industry.
  • Her first job, moving to London, was in HR with London Underground
    • back when HR was called Personnel
  • She talks about how HR has changed in the last 30 years, and why community is vital for HR professionals.

What would you say is the biggest drawback being experienced in the industry today? (07:52)

  • She hasn’t experienced any drawbacks herself but notes that it’s due to being open to change.
  • She hopes that people will start realizing the value of HR once again.

What changes do you think are needed, and how should we go about it? (12:27)

  • Embracing cultural change, and getting in the right mindset.
  • Attitude and recognition.
  • Preparing for the future workforce.

What do you think the future HR looks like without change? (15:28)

  • HR could lose its voice and value.
  • It will become merely a support function.


What advice would you give New HR Professionals, and current HR professionals who are serious about the industry? (17:54)

  • A career isn’t all about climbing a ladder.
  • Amanda gives a few pieces of advice.

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